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7 Ways to Make Money on Clubhouse

7 Ways to Make Money on Clubhouse

Making money on social media is big business. People have been finding ways to monetize their social media accounts for years. And that won’t be changing with Clubhouse. But what’s Clubhouse, you might ask?

It’s an audio-only social media platform that allows you to learn, grow, and connect through anything from personal interests to professional development. In other words, Clubhouse is the next big thing in the realm of social networking apps. In this guide, we’ll be discussing how to make money using the Clubhouse. Keep in mind that some ways to make money are a bit different from most social media platforms, whereas some remain the same. Without further ado, here seven ways to make big money on Clubhouse:

1. Pop-Up Shop

The first way to make money on Clubhouse is to sell something. If you have something to sell and you know you can sell it, this method is for you. Starting a pop-up shop is all about creating a room, pitching products, and hoping people buy them. This method focuses more on driving traffic to a premade site where people can browse, purchase and more importantly, pay.

2. Run an AMA

So, you’ve built up a following on Clubhouse, and now you’re finally ready to monetize those numbers. Run an ask me anything. An ask me anything involves what it says on the label: You must merely answer questions put to you by the audience. There are two ways to charge with AMAs. The first is charing people to enter the room, in the first place, giving everyone who enters the chance to ask the one question their money buys. The other way is to charge by the question, where followers need to donate to you before hearing their question.

3. Monetize Your Skills (Paid Training)

If you have any highly desirable skills, then it’s time to let those skills pay your bills. By holding training sessions and charging an entry fee, your skills can start paying you back for all the time you spent learning in the first place. Some of these highly desirable skills are worth more than others. Before you consider going down this route, we advise you to do some market research so you can see how much your skills are worth. So, you’re not undercharging or overcharging, both of which have potential problems.

4. Sponsored Rooms

You may find that the answer to your money problems lies in the number of followers you have. Big followings provide big business for you when it comes to sponsorships. In exchange for promoting a brand, you get paid per the size of your business and following. The audience participating in sponsored rooms could see product placements. And all that exposure and promotion, in exchange for a tidy sum that goes directly into your pocket.

5. Ad Placements

Podcasters are users that Clubhouse newcomers learn from. The main thing to be learned, for the sake of cash, is midroll advertisements. So, during a Clubhouse room or event, a moderator may read out a message pre-agreed with advertisers, just like on radio shows.

6. Paid Guest Hosting

Hosting guests on a Clubhouse room with a large following can be a highly profitable endeavor. It’s a known fact that businesses need to do whatever they can to connect with their target demographic. As such, they shouldn’t be afraid to pay to play. An enterprise or a brand might ask you to host one of its representatives to allow the business to get out and in front of its target audience. They need an advertisement? They have to pay. Period.

7. Paid Access Events

Fancy yourself the next big talk-show host? Or a hard-hitting journalist, perhaps? Either way, paid events could be a godsend for you. By hosting events that require paid access, you can make a modest fee per person, meaning the better you are at hosting the event, the more money you’ll be making. It should be noted that this method can require a lot of pre-planning, booking guests that your audience wants to see, preparing an interview for them, and then delivering it to an event that may reach thousands of people eventually. If you’re uncomfortable with this, then this method may not be for you.


There are plenty of ways to make money from a good Clubhouse following, but your following matters in terms of how much you can expect to make.
We wish you the best of luck in your attempt to make money from Clubhouse.
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