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We have partnered with FREE business directory, classifieds, blogs, forums, events, groups, deals, chat, news and much more. Social business network. the new way to buy and sell. Place as many ads as you like for in any category and in any place. TWINads ads are also displayed on other websites, thus giving your ads maximum exposure. is for individuals and businesses. Users are able to post and search for as many listings as they wish.

TwinAds is an online community service with a different approach. We are both local and international. Our aim is to provide our users with an easy-to-use localized service covering all their needs: New and used cars, property, jobs, events, specials and much more. If you can advertise it, you can add it to TwinAds.

You can basically sell whatever you’ve got…within the bounds of the law.

There are no commissions or hidden fees. You keep all the profits of your sale.


Here is some info about the websites. gets your items sold with online photo ads.

As the saying goes, a picture says a thousand words.
Enhance your newspaper classifieds by providing potential buyers online photos of your item.
Buyers are more likely to be interested in an item they can see.
Classified ads with photos are viewed 3 times more than ads without photos.
People are visual by nature and by providing photos of your item, you significantly increase the chance of selling it.
When readers see, AD#1234 in your print ad, they will go online to view the photos of your item. Here they can also get a more detailed description, more contact details and even the location of your item on a map.
When buyers have the opportunity to see an item for sale they are more likely to buy when they follow up by telephone or email.

Now you can combine your local newspaper classifieds and the Internet to give your ad the upper hand.

This is an example of a newspaper print ad with a SEEitem ad number.


Toyota Camry 05 one lady owner

Full service history. Must sell today.

See photos at Ad # 1234

or call 555 234 523      Mon - Fri only

What makes TWINads & SEEitem Different?

In today’s online business world there is so much competition you hardly know which service to use or how long the service you are using will be around.
This makes it very difficult to know where to advertise your products or services online.
Let’s say you want to sell your car online. Where will you place your ad? Just do a search on Google and see how many online used car sales sites there are. 563000
So the big question is. WHERE DO YOU ADVERTISE YOUR CAR FOR SALE. It will cost you hundreds of dollars to advertise on all of them.

TWINads & SEEitem to the rescue.

Now it does not matter where you advertise. Choose the car sales site you like the most and place your ad. Once you have placed your ad, copy the link to your ad and place it on Twinads. It’s that easy. Now your ad has the potential to be seen by thousands more. You can even place an ad on a free classifieds website and link your ad to Twinads.

The other feature we offer is an ad reference number. Let’s say you want to advertise your car in the local newspaper. We all know this is expensive not to mention if you want to add a colour photo of you car. Now all you need to do is to create your ad on Twinads. By doing this you get an ad reference number. Display this SEEitem reference number at the bottom of your newspaper ad and people interested in your car can go online and view photos of your car, get all your contact details and more information about your car. All the interested people have to do is log onto or and enter the Ad number in the quick search box, click go and you ad will be displayed.


TWINads & SEEitem is for individuals and businesses. Users are able to post and search for as many listings as they wish.
WE are always looking to develop new products and improve our user experience, either as a result of user feedback or our own testing and ideas.
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